Hey, Hey, Hey – Happy Wheels!

Game: Happy Wheels


The game Happy Wheels 3 has a slightly different twist that will get you a real sensation of an accident. An accident can happen to everyone and anyone, including you. This game gives you a real picture or image of how accidents can occur and how these accidents can lead to loss of consciousness, bone fractures and death.

hwGame Objective

The entire game play circulates or revolves around moving a character on a Segway through a gauntlet full of deadly traps to the finish line. Choose your character and begin moving to reach farthest distance without coming along with fatal accidents. The character can suffer major bodily harm like limb break, neck break, making the game more interesting and fun to play.

Game Play

Happy wheels unblocked is broken or divided into 15 level sets with each level set utilizing a different character. You can choose from different characters that you like. Characters include a fat man with a shopping cart, an old man in a wheelchair, or a father and son with his bike. The game arenas are very challenging and you can try out arenas such as large stones, steep hills, bridges, ravines, and much more available arenas.

Game Controls 

This game will be easier to play as long as you know some basic game controls. This game entirely relies on the primary control keys mainly including the 4 arrows, the shift bar, space bar, control key and the letter Z key. Each key has a given in-game function.

hwfrozenYour wheeled vehicle is controlled using 4 arrow keys;

  • Left Key – Lean backwards or left.
  • Right Key – Go over or lean right.
  • Up Key – Move forward or ahead.
  • Down Key – Move backwards.

Other keys;

  • Z – Eject
  • Space bar – Primary Action and special ability.
  • Shift and Control bar – Secondary actions to move legs and arms.