Play epic shooting game Plazma burst

Play epic shooting game Plazma burstNo shooting game has better sounding soundtracks than Plazma Burst 2! The broad spectrum of weapons available for you is spectacular! It is easy and absolutely free to play.

Let the adrenaline rush stimulate you to win! You can customize the game of Tetris to suit your every desire. This is because there are lots of options that allow customization. This is a game that once you begin to play; you won’t be able to stop. It is super addictive, just like your favorite action series!

The visuals are fascinating and one of a kind! In order to win, you must get rid of any trace of mercy in you. It is a matter of shooting to kill! There is a ray of hope that it will be possible to travel back in time. All you need to do is gather all your determination and strength, and get ready for a tougher battle!

Plazma burstAre you set to fight? Then master these controls and enter the flared up battle field:
1. Move: WASD / Arrow keys
2. Aim, shoot: Mouse
3. Swap to previous weapon: Q
4. Drop your current weapon: V
5. Select your grenade: G
6. Use items: E
7. Switch weapons: 0-9, mouse.

To be able to complete the levels in this exciting shooting game you need utmost skills. Levels 6, 28 and 41 particularly require excellent and tactful strategies to penetrate. If you have reached this far, it means you are good to go. You can enjoy it more if you play the multi-player mode.

Embrace the challenges posed Burst Plazma 2 gladly. This game not only enhances your alertness, but also your level of intelligence, confidence and tact. The techniques you apply to succeed in this game can also help you in tricky real life situations.

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You can say that this game is the bomb! It is the in-thing! Your persistence and patience are under test. You should not give up however much you are killed. Keep trying! The satisfaction and pride accompanied by finally conquering a tough level are inexplicable!

Entertaining yourself with “Learn to Fly 2”

Learn to fly 2 is an action/adventure game in which you can choose from 3 modes: story, classic and arcade. In the story mode you watch a penguin in his pursue for the ability to fly, the game provides every information you may need to complete the tasks and many options of upgrades and achievements. The controls can be set in the options menu, you can use the keyboard (<, > or A, D) or the mouse to control your in-game experience. In this menu, there is also the possibility to change quality, sound, and music volume, and enable snow transition and menu animations.
Your main objective is to destroy the 5 obstacles: snowman, snow mound, rocky hill, iceberg, and the wall; to each obstacle is presented a fun description that you can enjoy as you destroy them. In order to complete this task, you will need to make upgrades that include sleigh, glider, boost, and payload. Your score is based on distance, altitude, speed, duration, and destruction; this is what gives the cash you need to buy the upgrades and completing challenges gives extra cash. Sleigh The sleigh upgrade is used on the ramp and increases the initial acceleration and the take-off speed.

Glider Is composed of different devices that change the flight characteristic: increased speed, control, fall speed, etc. Be sure to read the description before buying the upgrades so you can combine them to have the best results.
Boost The boost upgrade increase the speed after the initial take-off. It’s perfect to achieve the best results in distance.
Payload Payload is a tricky upgrade because it can reduce the flight capability but it increases the iceberg-destroying power, which you will need eventually.

Playing learn to fly 2 counts your attempts in days, and even gives you hints about how to succeed or earn more cash and besides the menu where you can buy these upgrades, there is the bonus shop where you can buy interesting stuff like music packs, increased fuel capacity, and even more days in a month using the bonus points that are earned by completing challenges and achievements. In the medals menu you can see how much is missing to receive new medals (and how many bonus points each medal gives) and in the challenges menu, you can see what is needed to do to complete them and receive the extra cash they give. In this game, there are eight secrets to be found. None of them is mentioned here so you can use your imagination and investigative skills to find out and make this a “side quest” for your gaming experience in this captivating game! As well as you can play Rocket League at

Impossible Quiz 2 – Game Guide

Impossible Quiz 2 – Game GuideThe second installment in the Impossible Quiz series is much like the first; insane. To make ones way through the levels, one must bring with them their wit, quick thinking, sense of humor and the ability to think out of the box. Way, way out of the box. Much like it’s successor, academia plays no role in this quiz. Filled with puns, jokes and plays on words, it is the most fun you’ll have taking a quiz.

The Impossible Quiz 2 consists of 120 levels and 5 lives. This means that out of 120 questions, you have room for only 4 mistakes. Make a 5th mistake and you’re out. Also, take a look at this amazing tank game. Throughout the quiz, you’ll have the chance to stumble across powerups such as “Skips” and “Fusestoppers” which can be used to bypass questions and diffuse time bombs, which you’ll find scattered throughout the different levels. With each question you answer successfully, you will move on to the next level with a different question. The game requires the use of both the keyboard and mouse, so keep that in mind.

To help aid in your travels, I’ve done the liberty of compiling a list of what I feel are essential tips:
– Powerups are quite rare throughout the game; use them wisely.
– Each question has four buttons listed below it, each with a possibly correct answer. But remember, the answer may be hidden elsewhere…
– The terms “right” and “wrong” have been redefined in the Impossible Quiz 2; if you think an answer is correct, it probably isn’t.
– Stay on your toes. To get through the quiz, you may have to react quickly to certain situations.

Hey, Hey, Hey – Happy Wheels!

Game: Happy Wheels


The game Happy Wheels 3 has a slightly different twist that will get you a real sensation of an accident. An accident can happen to everyone and anyone, including you. This game gives you a real picture or image of how accidents can occur and how these accidents can lead to loss of consciousness, bone fractures and death.

hwGame Objective

The entire game play circulates or revolves around moving a character on a Segway through a gauntlet full of deadly traps to the finish line. Choose your character and begin moving to reach farthest distance without coming along with fatal accidents. The character can suffer major bodily harm like limb break, neck break, making the game more interesting and fun to play.

Game Play

Happy wheels unblocked is broken or divided into 15 level sets with each level set utilizing a different character. You can choose from different characters that you like. Characters include a fat man with a shopping cart, an old man in a wheelchair, or a father and son with his bike. The game Alchemy arenas are very challenging and you can try out arenas such as large stones, steep hills, bridges, ravines, and much more available arenas.

Game Controls 

This game will be easier to play as long as you know some basic game controls. This game entirely relies on the primary control keys mainly including the 4 arrows, the shift bar, space bar, control key and the letter Z key. Each key has a given in-game function.

hwfrozenYour wheeled vehicle is controlled using 4 arrow keys;

  • Left Key – Lean backwards or left.
  • Right Key – Go over or lean right.
  • Up Key – Move forward or ahead.
  • Down Key – Move backwards.

Other keys;

  • Z – Eject
  • Space bar – Primary Action and special ability.
  • Shift and Control bar – Secondary actions to move legs and arms.

What an amazing game to play online!

Spider solitaire game is one popular variation of a single-player card game. It is often played using cards. Have fun working on your memory and take your problem skills to yet another level, by playing this new game online. You can play this game without downloading anything, by visiting the official blog. Without a doubt, you will enjoy playing the game and getting carried away by the excitement that comes with it.

What an amazing game to play online!Instructions

The goal of spider solitaire is to build cards in descending order. The order should range from king, queen, jack, 10, 9, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2, and finally, ace in the columns of the tableau. You can locate the foundation once you have formed the sequence. You need full decks consisting of 104 cards to play the game. 54 of the cards at commencement, are allocated between 10 representations, the first four solitaires have 6 cards each, and the other six solitaires have got 5 cards each. The topmost one of each tableau/solitaire is revolved face up, while the rest are face down. The outstanding 50 cards are then positioned in a punch at the screen bottom.


To play the game for free check this site, as for instructions: move a card onto the higher card in the rank. For example, you can move a six of spades and position it on a 9 of spades or an 8 of hearts, spades, or diamonds. The key objective of this game is to come up with runs in a similar suit. A ran can only be phased out from the table if it is all in an identical suit. Multiple cards can be moved together when they are components of a run in the identical suit. For example, moving 8 of diamonds, 6 of diamonds, and 5 of diamonds. You can click 8 and shuffle cards all together into a nine of any suit. If a table is completely empty, then you are allowed a partial run, or any card is permitted to be positioned into it.

solitaireSpider solitaire game is an awesome game!


Impossible Quiz – The game you will love and hate at the same time

Are you bored with traditional, everyday games? Do you like to play games that challenge your intelligence and require you to think outside the box? Well, then Impossible Quiz is the game you definitely need in your life.


What is Impossible Quiz?

Impossible quiz is an online game that may resemble other quiz-based games, but believe me, it is much more than that. We have all played quiz games, and the more you play them, the more boring they become. It is quite the opposite with Impossible Quiz, the game is so addictive that it should have a warning label.

What makes this Impossible Quiz great is not its powerful graphics or awesome animation but the unorthodox thinking of developers and a great sense of humor. This game doesn’t take you too much time, but it’s also a game where “I’ll give it one more shot” can turn in a few hours of playing.

Simplicity and out-of-this-world creativity are the things that will make you fall in love with Impossible Quiz. The “how I did not think of that” moment is pretty frequent. The feeling of getting some answers correct at your first try is very rewarding.

How do I play it?

If you have a computer made in this century, web browser, at least one finger, and a somewhat functioning brain, you are pretty much good to go. You can play this game anytime anywhere, just type Impossible Quiz in your browser, and that’s it.


It is a click-based game, so there are no complicated controls, just start clicking and enjoy. The game is really user-friendly and the learning curve is almost nonexistent, all actions come to you naturally.

Impossible Quiz Unblocked Version is a great game with almost no requirements. It’s free and fun (those are pretty much the two best things on the Internet). So, give it a try. The only thing you have to lose is just a few minutes, but you will get hours of fun. Also if you love puzzle games try Blob Opera full game at


Summer holiday is here and I play Tank trouble 4

Tank trouble 4 is generally an online flash game and it can be played at the official blog this game is mainly involving a shooting tank, whereas a player, you are required to control the tank to shoot your enemies around a maze without crashing around the maze and also being shot at by a character who will always be after you also known as Laika. You will have access to a variety of weapons that you can use to shoot your target that will range from the normal bullets that come with the game to special weapons when the game level advances. You will also get access to a variety of multiplayer modes such as single-player mode; where you play against the computer; 2 player mode and 3 player mode respectively.

Summer holiday is here and I play Tank trouble 4Description/How it Works
If you are a fan of shooting games, especially tank shooting games, then the tank trouble 4 would basically the best game to consider as it encompasses all of that. Users will have the option of playing either in single-player mode against the computer, 2-player mode, one against another player as well as 3-player mode, 3 players against each other by taking down the enemy tankers.

As a player in the game, you will have a tanker that you can be able to control in various directions around a maze, whilst at the same time avoiding to be shot by an enemy tank (Laika) who will keep shooting you through the mazes, as the first one to be shot is taken out, and therefore you will need to ensure that you are not shot at all during the game, but ensure that you are the first one to take out the enemy tanks. You will be able to get special power-ups during game-play around the mazes that will enable you to get more special shooting power. You can be able to dodge the bullets and attacks from the enemy tanks through simply squeezing through the walls of the maze.fightvslaika

Game Controls
In order to effectively play the game, you will need to know all the controls of steering your tank and shooting your enemy lines where the game is mainly played through the PC. The controls are detailed as follows;
Keys E, S, D, F: These are used as navigation keys for the tank, that enable it to move either right, left, forward or reverse. For shooting, you will use the key Q.
For the option of two players with the same keyboard, player 1 will use the same keys whereas player 2 will use the Up, Down, Right and Left buttons to control the tank as well as key ‘M’ to shoot.
In the option of three players, the third player will use the mouse click to shoot as well as the mouse movement to move the tank in Tank trouble unblocked game.

Happy Wheels hacked version for you

Happy Wheels Hacked Version or also known as second version of the game can be found on the official web-site This game is loaded with action, with a very small rule set, you have to stay alive and reach the exit. If you are passionate about playing flash games, involving physics and a grouse amount of blood and blood shedding this is the game for you.

With the possibility to become invisible, in the hacked version, it is to your benefit. However, without the blood and violence the game would not be the same. When you are not dying, you are losing limbs.

Happy Wheels hacked version for youGame Instructions:

The games starts by selecting the racers of your choice, then you can start your mission in staying alive and reach the exit. The racers are all considerably unprepared for the mission, but Lady Luck could just maybe be on your side limitless health luck.

You have a selection between a bike riding father and son, a wheelchair-ridden old man, or a man pushing a shopping cart. When playing the game you have to guide your character over sure to be challenging grounds. Steep hills, and bridges, while trying to avoid the scattered stones in your path, and elude falling into the deep gorge. You need to take great care throughout the game, or face the rick of being injured,crushedor suffer an excruciating death.

The easiest course to start with it the obstacle course. Then, if you dare, you can challenge the Gut Bus Extreme and the BMA Park II. Alternative courses include Snowy Mountain Final, TrapTrac and rope swings, Dawn of the Death. These are only a small quantity of levels featuring in the game. If you really want to relive all the blood and gore the occurred throughout a level, you can always use the level replay option, and appreciate the bloodshed once again.

Game Controls:

This game is addictive. It is extremely easy to get hooked on the game, but tremendously hard to stop playing. Every failure will allure you to try just one more time, just to try once more to reach the exit. With the simple use of your keyboards arrow keys, the Z key to eject, the space bar as the primary action key and the Ctrl-shift keys as the caretakers of secondary actions, you guide your extremely incompetent racer to the exit.

charactersAddictive, but loaded with action and blood, this game will keep you occupied for hours on end, luring you back continuously for just one more try to succeed.


Stick RPG : Feel The Life of a Stick

– Stick RPG is an open world online game by XGen Studios,which lets you make some decisions of your own. This amazing stick game has got some very interesting maps.You can use the bus depot to change cities,use the bank to deposit or withdraw money.Stick RPG has even got a pawn shop where you can buy a knife or a gun if you want to be the bad guy.Just walk into the buildings through the pathway provided.There are restaurants,casinos,bars,etc.But before you could do all this,you need to earn some money.You do get $100 by default as soon as you start playing the game.But this amount of money won’t be enough if you have got ambition.Earn as much money as you can by working as a janitor or a cook.You can join a company and start working there.You can get a promotion by increasing your “intelligence points”, which you could earn at the “Stick University” by studying. Here again, you would have to spend money. Education doesn’t come for free after all.

– To play Stick RPG, all you need is a keyboard and a mouse.The controls are very easy.Navigate yourself throughout the town using the arrow keys.Or else,you can use the following keys as an alternative.W – UPS – DOWNA – LEFTD – RIGHT

Stick RPG : Feel The Life of a StickFEATURES:
– Another interesting feature of Stick RPG is that you own an apartment.There are cars running over the entire town and they don’t apply brakes when you are right in front of them.Accidents are sure to happen which makes you loose health.I suggest you go to your apartment and sleep.This not only improves your health,but also gives you time to work or study.You will find a blue color clock on the top of the game display.As soon as the clock turns red,it means you do not have any time left to do any task on that particular day.You must go and sleep in your apartment as you do not have any other option. Stick RPG allow you to hijack cars. Just go near a stationary car and left-click it.You can steal the car if you are smart enough.You can make a conversation with random people you find on the streets.Do the same thing as you did in the case of cars.Left-click on the stick-head and they begin to talk to you.They might ask you some particular things like smokes or money.If you give them what they are asking for,you might get something in return.

– The only thing I would like to say about this game is : Do not judge the game by its’ graphics.Just go ahead and give it a try.It is not only interesting but also teaches the player some decision making skills.At the end of the day,all you need to do is make as much money as possible.

A review of Return Man 2 – free online sports game

Return Man 2 is actually a fun game from ESPN for the football enthusiasts. Do you possess the required skills to return the punt from your rival team and make it to the end zone for that touchdown win? Challenge your abilities and enjoy the game now!

A review of Return Man 2 – free online sports gameControls:

There are some fundamental controls which the players require for familiarizing themselves with in order to complete successfully and become a winner in Return Man 2.

  1. Press the K key to run backward
  2. Press the I key to run forward
  3. Press the L key to run right
  4. Press the J key to run left
  5. Press the spacebar key to continue playing
  6. Press the M key for making the sound mute

Apart from all these basic controls, you’ll also be able to unlock special moves which will assist you to advance through every stage.

  1. Press the A key for activating the Spin special move
  2. Press the S key for activating the Speed Burst special move which is also called the Afterburner special move.
  3. Press the D key for activating the Front Flip special move.


Run to the yellow circle in the right time for catching the ball.

Get past the defenders using your fellow teammates for getting to the end zone. Keep an eye on the kicker. He is going to slow you down. In case you do not succeed in making it to the end zone, you are going to lose a possession.

Special moves are going to be unlocked to aid you to get down the field. While you play this game your progress will be saved at every single stage.

return man in real lifeStages and Levels:

There are 15 stages in this particular game. Every stage provides a varying number of levels which you must complete for unlocking the subsequent stage. For instance, there are a couple of levels in Stage 1, 3 levels in the next stage, 4 levels in Stages 3 as well as 4, 5 levels in the next three stages – and so forth.

In every stage, you have only 4 possessions to play with. Once you get tackled, you are going to lose a possession and you must try that level once again. In case you lose all the four possessions, it will end the game. There is no need to worry because each and every progress will be saved and, therefore, if you fail to win the game, you simply need to replay that particular stage that you completed previously and can move on.